Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Out-of-Control TSA

I know that some of my readers believe I post too-frequently on what I believe is a huge threat to the liberty of Americans: The Department of Homeland Security and its rogue agency the Transportation Safety Administration.

When I recently posted about their plans to use their "nude imaging" on people on the street, I received emails from readers that, well, just didn't believe it.

Believe it!

Here is a report from Forbes,
The projects range from what the DHS describes as “a walk through x-ray screening system that could be deployed at entrances to special events or other points of interest” to “covert inspection of moving subjects” employing the same backscatter imaging technology currently used in American airports.
The 173-page collection of contracts and reports, acquired through a Freedom of Information Act request, includes contracts with Siemens Corporations, Northeastern University, and Rapiscan Systems. The study was expected to cost more than $3.5 million.
One project allocated to Northeastern University and Siemens would mount backscatter x-ray scanners and video cameras on roving vans, along with other cameras on buildings and utility poles, to monitor groups of pedestrians, assess what they carried, and even track their eye movements. In another program, the researchers were asked to develop a system of long range x-ray scanning to determine what metal objects an individual might have on his or her body at distances up to thirty feet.
“This would allow them to take these technologies out of the airport and into other contexts like public streets, special events and ground transit,” says Ginger McCall, an attorney with EPIC. “It’s a clear violation of the fourth amendment that’s very invasive, not necessarily effective, and poses all the same radiation risks as the airport scans.”
I'm astonished that people are not marching on the Capitol to protest this nonsense. Benjamin Franklin said, "People who would give up essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither." 

Have you written your congresspeople?  

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  1. Anyone opposed to the strong-arm tactics being used by TSA/DHS and the rest of government, is invited to come and join us at Boycott Flying ...


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