Friday, March 18, 2011

A Heartbreaking Story

The U.S. media is concentrating far too much on the nuclear power story and far too little on the 450,000 people without food, clean water, electricity or heat. From London's Daily Mail:

Even amid the carnage and despair of Japan's tsunami victims, the plight of the 30 children at Kama Elementary School is heartbreaking.

They sit quietly in the corner of a third-floor classroom where they have waited each day since the tsunami swept into the town of Ishinomaki for their parents to collect them. So far, no one has come and few at the school now believe they will.

Teachers think that some of the boys and girls, aged between eight and 12, know their fathers and mothers are among the missing and will never again turn up at the gates of the school on the eastern outskirts of the town, but they are saying nothing.

I want this blog to be pleasant and informative, but I feel I must make this information available so that readers fully understand the tragedy that is unfolding. I fear the death toll is going to exceed 25,000.

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  1. I had not heard this. How heartbreaking, so desperately sad.

    Barry (UK reader)


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