Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Climategate, "Hide the Decline" Explained Easily

From that hotbed of political conservatism, University of California Berkeley. I appreciate the honesty of Professor Richard Muller. He says, of "hide the decline*" that "this is not acceptable in science." Exactly!

* As we have discussed on the blog before, "hiding the decline" was done by Prof. Michael Mann (with the collusion of others) to splice temperature data onto tree ring data (the tree ring data showed recent temperatures going down, calling the validity of the entire project into question) in a way that no one would notice. This created Al Gore's and the IPCC's (and others') famous "hockey stick" graphic.

While on the subject of Climategate, there is a new editorial in the British press. It concludes,

We now know that the work done at Climatic Research Unit barely qualified as science; they kept it secret to stop other scientists checking it; thus breaching one of the foundations of the scientific method.
To stop politicians cheating, athletes taking drugs and financiers embezzling, we have increasingly strong regulators. We cannot assume scientists come from a higher moral plane.
Sadly, this applies to much of climate 'science.'

Hat tips: Roger Pielke, Jr. and Climate Audit

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