Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tornado and Hail Spike on Radar in Pennsylvania

UPDATE: 6:39pm. Here is video of the tornado in Greensburg (Hempfield), PA (noted by the tornado symbol at left center of the radar image below). This tornado damaged a number of homes.
Associated Press reports: A possible tornado caused severe damage to about 30 western Pennsylvania homes, two schools and some businesses, but only a few minor injuries were reported, authorities said.


Very strong thunderstorm in southwest Pennsylvania likely producing giant hail (defined by meteorologists to be 2" in diameter or larger). Not only is the storm very reflective (whitish pink area in core of storm), it has a "hail spike." The storm and spike (the narrowing blue-green area) are circled. When you see a spike on the side of the storm away from the radar, large hail is likely in progress.

This storm produced a damaging tornado west of Latrobe, PA. A tornado warning continues in effect.

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