Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CNN Loses It

Here is what is wrong with the U.S. media in a nutshell: CNN's Nancy Grace is interviewing my friend and colleague Bernie Rayno of AccuWeather. She not only has all of her facts wrong (there was no "state of emergency" due to radiation nor alert of any kind), she is rude and arrogant. Bernie was and is correct. There is zero threat to the U.S. from Japanese radiation.

I don't understand why the U.S. media is so determined to make the "radiation" story far, far bigger than it really is.

You can watch the tape here.

UPDATE: Wednesday morning. AccuWeather received this feedback:


On behalf of the Hokkaido Branch of the Association of Japanese Exchange and Teaching (HAJET), I would like to applaud your meteorologist Bernie Rayno and the journalistic integrity he displayed recently on Nancy Graces show airing on CNN (see link below) while reporting on the continuing crisis in Fukushima, Japan. This is truly an uncertain time which will most certainly have global ramifications in the coming years. This said, I never thought it would be a meteorologist who would play such a crucial role in delivering factual and unbiased news to American viewers. Mr. Rayno showed great care with his word choice and the manner with which he answered the talking heads questions and baseless counter-point.

HAJET is a branch of the National Association of Japanese Exchange and Teaching (AJET) that works directly with the Japanese governments Council of Local Authorities and Foreign Relations (CLAIR). HAJET represents over 200 foreign nationals from English speaking countries all over the world, all of whom are employed directly by local school boards and regional school districts in Japans Hokkaido Prefecture. We feel as though the need for clear and factual reporting on Fukushima around the world at this time is essential not only for international dialogue and understanding, but also so that our families and friends may be kept abreast of the facts.

Mr. Rayno is a credit to your organization. We hope AccuWeather will continue to hold its meteorologists to the highest journalistic standard whenever possible.”


  1. Nancy Grace is a moron, I don't know anyone who thinks otherwise. HLN is a joke network (they spawned Glenn Beck afterall, say no more).

    Obviously the media is going to cover the hell out of this story and sensationalize at times. It's all about ratings. None of our cable news networks are actually objective news sources anymore.

    That being said, a nuclear meltdown is a big deal. It could affect people here if food were to be shipped over containing high levels of radiation, but I don't really see that happening. I think the Japanese situation does highlight issues with nuclear power and it is an opportunity to reevaluate our safety measures at our nuclear facilities particularly at plants sitting on or near fault lines (why we built them there is beyond me).

    I think there's a lot of people out there who are either trying to use this as a reason to stop pursuing nuclear power and there are a lot of people saying "nothing to see here, turn off your tv, nuclear power is great!"
    When in reality, nuclear power is complex. It has pros and cons. Saftey/regulations should be emphasized when constructing these facilities. And safe, clean, renewable alternatives should be the priority.


  2. Jack, thank you for your comment.

    As I have stated a number of times, while I believe existing nuclear power plants in the U.S. are safe, I do not support building more because of their Rube Goldberg nature. I strongly support the new generation of nuclear power plants.


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