Sunday, March 27, 2011

Even the Radar Cannot Believe It

This just so depressing. I drove to KC yesterday in the snow. I drove back from KC earlier today in the snow. And, it started snowing at The Smith House about 15 minutes ago. Normally, our AccuWeather radar does a good job of showing the rain/snow line (mixed is purple, blue is all snow) but the radar is showing green (rain) over my house.

Even the radar cannot believe we are seeing two straight days of snow this late in the year.

UPDATE: True story from 5 minutes ago. Our neighbors have a trampoline. Son was bouncing on trampoline in the snow, wearing shorts. Father just came out, walked over to the trampoline, and they went indoors.  I imagine the conversation, moments before, went something like this:

Mother:  What is he doing out there bouncing around in shorts in the snow!

Father: He knows its cold, just let him. He'll come in when he is ready.

Mother:  What must the neighbors be thinking? That I am the 'worst mother in the world!' Go out there and bring him in!

Father: Sighing. Okay...

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  1. Been snowing off & on here in Hutch all day.


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