Friday, March 25, 2011

Did These Guys Formerly Work for the TSA?

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - The suspicious package that caused police to shut down streets around the main post office in downtown Birmingham this morning turned out to be a pair of tennis shoes in a shoe box, Birmingham police say.
Police used a small explosion to open the box at 8:48 a.m. so they could see what was inside, police Sgt. Johnny Williams said. The explosion caused a loud boom and caused the ground to vibrate but did not destroy the picnic table on which the shoe box was sitting, Williams said.

And, the headline of the year,

Fruit basket neutralized by state police in Bridgeton

The New Jersey State Police responded to a call from a concerned bus driver Tuesday night who found what he thought was a suspicious package in one of the luggage compartments on his bus.

He called the NJSP whose arson and bomb unit responded. 

The bomb and arson unit approached the package using a remote controlled robot. Sergeant Steve Jones said they then shot the package with a water cannon.  

Detectives investigated the ragged shreds of what remained, which though it was almost completely obliterated, they were able to determine had been a fruit basket. 

Maybe they just like an excuse to blow something up.

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