Monday, January 4, 2010

You Know You Are A Storm Chaser When...

With the extended period of cold weather (without even thunderstorms in the South), the storm chase community has reactivated the "You Know You Are A Chaser..." thread.  

You've memorized every good restaurant, speed trap, Wi-Fi hot spot, and bad road south of I-80 and along/west of I-35 to the foothills.

Your bladder has expanded to the size of a Hummer.

The TV in the vehicle is showing radar, instead of playing something to keep the kids quiet.

You own colored pencils.

When your honeymoon for that June wedding is in Wichita, Kansas.

When you can't remember your anniversary but can recall with perfect clarity what happened in Waco, Texas on May 11, 1953.

When you see a tennis ball or a golf ball, the first thing you think of is hail size.

When someone asks you where your vacation will be this year and you reply "I have no idea. Somewhere on the Plains."

When your credit card company calls you to report possible credit card fraud since your card was used to buy gas in South Dakota in the early morning, Iowa in the mid morning, Oklahoma in the evening, and Colorado late at night..... with a hotel charge in North Dakota one night and Kansas the next.........

Sonic. Two functions…good food, hail shelter.

When you hear the word touchdown...and it actually means something other than a football player entering the end zone.

Many more at StormTrack.

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