Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here It Comes!

At 7:13am, the major winter storm is rapidly developing over the southern Plains and is spreading east and north. The purple shades are ice!  This is a very serious storm that will cause power interruptions and road closures. Please plan accordingly -- there may be power outages in Oklahoma and the southeast Texas Panhandle that will last for days.

UPDATE 8:48am:  Power failures are now being reported in southwest Oklahoma.  Interstate 40 is blocked by an accident in far western Oklahoma.  It is likely that I-40 will have to be closed before the day is over.  I-35 and I-44 will see seriously deteriorating conditions as the day progresses in Oklahoma and there is a chance they will be closed, also.

Some strong thunderstorms may occur in south Texas.

Future updates available at AccuWeather. We will be updating our coverage throughout the day.

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