More Airport Nonsense

The Wichita Eagle is reporting this morning,

All airlines flying to the United States or within the country were told Thursday to prepare for even tighter security because of the al-Qaida threat from Yemen, a law enforcement official said.

I have already discussed my thoughts regarding where we should go from here with regard to airline security.  But there is another issue, the financial health of the airline industry. Am I the only person who is driving more, to farther destinations, to avoid this nonsense? When one combines the airline service cutbacks (I personally experienced three delays of more than six hours each this past summer) with greater security hassles, I have found myself driving on routes where I used to fly. In 2009, I ended up driving to Denver and Austin from Wichita rather than flying. Those are hardly short distances, but I was happy I had done so -- it was just less hassle. 

I understand that Thanksgiving holiday travel in 2009 was down more than 60% as compared to Thanksgiving 2000 (the last Thanksgiving before the TSA) which is a tremendous reduction. I can't imagine that more "security theatre" is in anyone's best interest. 

UPDATE:  If you haven't seen this satirical public service announcement about the TSA, please take a look. It is sadly so true. 


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