Son of Climategate, Post #6

Here is Tom Fuller's take on the events of the last few days:

A picture is emerging of a UN organisation apparently out of control, fixated on having the proper story ready in order to drive the agenda at Copenhagen. It appears from the outside that they may have realised that this was their last best chance, with skepticism rising and the economies of the developed world falling.
There are serious questions about the historical temperature records as reconstructed by Mann and the Hockey Stick Team. There are serious questions about recent temperature records (like, where are they?) as put together by a climate fanatic (James Hansen, and I'm actually not being critical of him--he believes and is acting on his beliefs--I'm just not sure we should follow him), and the absent minded professor, Phil Jones, who knows he left the data around somewhere (did he check behind the sofa?) and anyways, he 'could probably reconstruct it, given time.' We have seriously inflated estimates of possible impacts of global warming. We have a head of the IPCC who has channeled serious funding to his organisation due to those inflated estimates. And we have the IPCC printing phoned in magazine interviews about Himalayan glacier melt as if it were peer reviewed science.
We appear to be watching the monolithic titan of the institutional fight against global warming fall broken to the ground. And it appears to have been constructed of papier mache.

And, Tom leads into what will be my next series, Daughter of Climategate, which will pertain to the manipulation of the temperature record. However, so much as been posted this weekend, I'm going to give us all a little time to catch our breaths. So, I'll start posting on the temperature scandal in a day or two.


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