Thursday, September 16, 2010

Unique Way of Displaying Huge Hail

Via Facebook, 5 1/2" hail stones displayed next to young Carson Bieberle.  Posted by Justin and Crystal Bieberle.  Much of the southwest half of the city of Wichita experienced large hail.

UPDATE 2PM Thursday:  As if these hail stones were not big enough, we had a 7.5" stone in southwest Wichita.  Here is more from a Stormtrack posting by Mike Guekes:
The hail stone below that is pictured at 7.5 inches may have broken a new record for Kansas hailstones. The hail stone may have broken the record Diameter of any hailstone at 7.5 Inches, other stats include 15.5 Inches in circumference and 1.1 lbs. This hailstone fell near Pawnee and 119th Street in West Wichita around 6pm on September 15th, 2010. The measured circumference and weight were measured 15 hours after the event. The previous record was 5.7 Inches in Diameter, 17.6 Inches in circumference, and 1.65 lbs and fell in Coffeyville, Kansas on September 3rd, 1970.

UPDATE: 5PM Thursday. KAKE TV reports Wichita's Auburn Hills golf course was closed today due to thousands of holes pitting the course. They expect a week for things to get back to normal.  


  1. Man that hail is krazy big!! It's a damn good thing you guys weren't outside with that baby when the hail hit!! It's as big as his head!!

  2. "Baby Noggin-sized hail." My colleagues at AccuWeather posted it on their facebook page and there are a number of amusing comments:

  3. I surfed over from AcuWeather. Great photos! I linked to your blog post from "mine" (aka my dogs') today.
    KZK & the Ao4

  4. We live in Kansas,near Wichita. That was a weird day.


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