Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today's Silly Global Warming Article

Four posts down I congratulate the Los Angeles Times for not mentioning 'global warming' in its story about the hottest temperature ever recorded there. After all, the 2010 summer as a whole in L.A. was quite a bit cooler than normal!

Unfortunately, today's Wichita Eagle couldn't resist and has an article "New York Tornadoes Just a Sign of Things to Come."  The article mentions the "triple-digit heat in Los Angeles" as well as the tornadoes in NYC on September 16 as signs of 'global warming.'

See the photo below?
It is obviously a New York tornado as the Statue of Liberty is at left. The only problem is this photo wasn't taken earlier this month, it was taken July 7, 1976.

Below is a graph of world temperatures from 1976 (at left), the year of the Statue of Liberty Tornado, to present (at right).

World temperatures were much cooler in 1976 than they are now -- yet NYC had a tornado in both the cooler temperatures of the mid-70's as well as the warmer temperatures we are currently enjoying.

What does this prove? That a tornado occurring in NYC has nothing to do with global warming!
And, assuming the quote in the article is correct, I'm disappointed that NOAA would assert otherwise.

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