Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Review: "Crashers" by Dana Haynes

Friends suggested I read and review Crashers because of the numerous aircraft crash investigations I have been involved in. Crashers is the fictional story of an airliner that crashes in Oregon and how investigators go about solving the mystery of why the plane crashed. 

I’m going to review on two levels:  

How good is the book?  **** out of 5 stars as a read. The book is engaging. It can easily be read in 2-3 days, good vacation reading.

Technical accuracy:  It is reasonably good except in the field of – you guessed it – meteorology (which might be why my friends might have wanted me to review it). When the types of expert investigators are listed in the fictional narrative, meteorology is left off the list (as is air traffic control). In real life, there is no such thing as an NTSB airline accident without a meteorology expert named.  There are also a couple of plot points that could not take place in the weather conditions stated in the book, but I can’t go into them without revealing critical points. 

I recommend the book.  

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