A Non-Partisan Plan to Improve America, Part I

I believe that most thinking people in America today believe our government is out of touch with the cares and concerns of the average person. I agree. This is not a partisan problem. – Something seems to happen when our representatives arrive in Washington, D.C.: they start identifying with their peers inside the Beltway rather than with the people who sent them to Washington in the first place.  The longer they stay, the worse this problem tends to become.

Many also believe the atmosphere in Washington is toxic and detrimental to getting things done.  I also agree.

So, I am going to offer a few thoughts that I believe will improve governance that can be proposed by candidates of either party.  These first two have been proposed by others:

1.    Term limits. Two terms in the Senate. Four terms in the House. That’s it. And, you get twelve Congressional years, period. No four terms in the House then running for the Senate. We desperately need new blood. I do not believe the Founding Fathers intended for America to be run by a professional governing class. 

2.     Strict lobbying prohibitions. For three years after leaving the House, Senate, or executive-level government position (paid under the Senior Executive Service pay system), persons would be prohibited from lobbying.  With this prohibition, a few of them  might move back to their home district (a rarity today) rather than moving to a lobbying firm.

Part II tomorrow. 


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