Wednesday, May 31, 2023

2013 Tornado Anniversary Dates

There were two important tornadoes for which today is the tenth anniversary. 

El Reno, Oklahoma
National Weather Service, Joseph Brennan
The National Weather Service in Norman has a comprehensive write-up here. This was the largest tornado in recorded history and, per Doppler radar wind measurements, one of the strongest. Between the tornado and flooding, 21 people died. 

St. Louis Area
This storm was very tricky for warning purposes but the NWS and local broadcast media did a great job. No one died in spite of extensive damage -- more damage than occurred in Oklahoma -- as the storm was a long-track F-3 tornado as it went across the densely populated North County area.
In addition to it being a more difficult than average tornado warning situation meteorologically, the Weather Channel and others were ignoring the St. Louis threat in favor of the Oklahoma City area where they had a "Tornado Tour 2013" crew. They were rolled by the tornado.  

If you wish to read my real-time storm coverage, it is here. After storm info about this unusual storm is here

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