Ahh, But Read the Fine Print!

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal had an article about our hapless and increasingly dangerous federal government taking 17 years to approve a wind energy project under a "fast-track" program. 

But, I want to bring some of the article's important fine print to your attention. It says, "the permit allows the developer, Pattern Energy, to build the country's largest wind energy project across three counties in rural New Mexico and deliver that electricity to large markets in Arizona and California." Wait, what?!

Forget killing eagles and rare birds, forget killing endangered whales (via off-shore wind), forget rising rates and making the grid less stable by the year: the people who have to look at and hear these monsters won't get any benefit from them?! And, who is going to pay for them?

In Kansas, ratepayers are being required to fund an expensive transmission line like the one above that will send wind electricity generated in the Sunflower State to Missouri. Let me repeat that: we get none of the benefit of the transmission line, but we have to pay for it. 

Wind energy allows the well-connected to get incredibly rich. The rest of us get blackouts during extreme cold and extreme heat. And, it will only get worse! The wind energy lobby is one of the most vindictive and aggressive lobbying organizations out there. 

In the strongest manner, I urge you to let your state and local legislators and congressional delegate know that it is time to stop the wind gravy train. 


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