Today is NOT the 50th Anniversary of the First Doppler Measurement of a Tornado

NOAA has put out a press release, a video and other information claiming today was the 50th anniversary of the first time a tornado (specifically, the Union City storm) was measured by Doppler radar.

Except it isn't.

The 50th anniversary of the first measurement of a tornado by Doppler radar was June 10, 2008; which occurred when an experimental Weather Bureau Doppler radar based in Wichita measured the F-4 El Dorado Tornado. That storm killed 13 people on June 10, 1958.
1958 Experimental Doppler Radar at Wichita's
Mid-Continent Airport 
The peak measured speed was 206 mph. It is hardly as if that tornado and its Doppler measurement is a secret. It was written up in the peer-reviewed journals. 
Happy to correct the record. 


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