On Drought Conditions in the Central Great Plains; Huge Hail in DFW

Wichita Eagle this evening
In most of the west half of Kansas, the wheat will be plowed under. With the drought there, and in parts of central Kansas, the wheat isn't worth harvesting.

Here are the drought conditions as of Tuesday in the central Great Plains. 

Since Tuesday; here is the rainfall to 6pm Friday. As much as eight inches fell just northeast of Amarillo ("A"). 
The scale is at right. Green is at least .75 inches. Yellow is at least 2.5 inches. 

And, farther south, there was damaging hail in a small part of the DFW Metroplex. 
The small deep purple areas surrounded by pink = 3" diameter hail (75 millimeters, see scale at right). 
There are reports of considerable damage near Allen and in this swath. 


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