Severe Thunderstorm Watch Until 6pm

In addition to Kansas, two counties in southern Nebraska are included.

Please note what is forecasted to occur:
  • A couple of tornadoes.
  • Wind gusts to 80 mph. As I mentioned below, one of the computer models is predicting a peak gust of 93 mph with this weather system.
  • Hail to tennis ball size. Note: when driven by strong winds, hail can be highly destructive. 

Safety Measures:
  • Put your car in the garage but, first, fill it will fuel as power may be out.
  • Make sure your generator is ready to go and full of fuel. If you have a portable generator, keep it outdoors, away from air intakes.
  • Stow lawn furniture and other items that can blow about.
  • Make sure your family members and friends are aware of the risk. 
  • Put family heirlooms in your shelter area. 
If this turns into a full-fledged derecho, there will be widespread power outages. Please prepare accordingly. 

I will provide additional coverage on Twitter @usweatherexpert.  


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