Friday, June 24, 2022

The Campaign of Deception on the Kansas Constitutional Amendment

It is bad enough that the Kansas Amendment's opponents are running a deceptive campaign, but their latest ad that implies the Catholic Church is on board with their pro-abortion stance is beyond the pale. The image below is a screen capture from their latest commercial.

Here are the facts: The Kansas Supreme Court "found" that Kansas Constitution -- unlike the other 49 states' -- includes a "right" to abortion, even though abortion is not mentioned in the document. 

The purpose of the August vote is simple: A YES vote amends the Constitution to so that the question of abortion goes back into the hands of the people of Kansas and our elected representatives. That's all! By itself, the amendment does not change abortion laws.

I suspect polling tells the pro-abortion forces the amendment will pass (after all, a "yes" vote is pro-democracy) unless they lie, dissemble, and confuse the issue. So, they will lie if they must. 

Vote YES on August 2!!

-- addition -- 

The liberal Kansas City Star agrees with my assessment. Below is verbatim.
To reiterate: The pro-abortion forces know they can only win by confusing you. Don't allow this campaign of deception to succeed.

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