Another Garbage Article About Climate

Climate is long-term weather. Weather is what occurs day-to-day. More predictable than the weather is the Star and (following along) the Wichita Eagle hyping global warming. Especially when the meteorological science clearly demonstrates the dead cattle did not die because of global warming. 

While the summer heat is earlier than average in Kansas this year, that tells us nothing. Let's look at the real data, something the Star's editorial board didn't bother to do. 

Here is a graph, from NOAA, of June's daily maximum temperatures in Sedgwick county (halfway between the two main cattle areas) from 1900 to 2021. There is a slight upward trend but it is ≤ 0.1° per decade. Nothing huge. In fact, if you throw out the extraordinarily cold June of 1903, there is no trend at all! 
Now, let's focus on Wichita's June daily record highs from the National Weather Service office. These dates correspond to the duration of this year's heatwave. 
Not a single record high is even from this century!! Eleven of twelve are from 1990 or earlier. Eight of 12 are before 1958, the first year that climate chemists tell us that CO2 concentrations were sufficient to affect worldwide temperatures

The science clearly demonstrates that global warming did not kill the cattle. This is just another garbage piece to hype global warming. 


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