Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Trains and Trafficking

This man has had a bad year. A close call on April 29 in Andover  
(above) and then yesterday's Amtrak crash. 

Some serious thoughts: Yesterday was the second day in a row with a mass casualty Amtrak crash where a rural road crossed mainline tracks that requires drivers to turn their heads more than a 90° angle. I annotated a Daily Mail illustration below. 
Sunday's nearly identical crash was in California. 

Rural or not, we need to get lights and gates at all mainline crossings where the road is not at a 90° angle to the tracks. 

While the three crossing deaths in Missouri yesterday and the three in California were tragic and preventable, the human tragedy in Texas was far worse. 
Fifty precious people died in that truck in Texas yet it is receiving far less coverage than the Amtrak accident. This is not acceptable. The border must be secured and we must stop human trafficking. 

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