Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Storm Season? Let Mike Smith Enterprises Help.

Today is the first day of hurricane season, tornado season continues, and a major drought continues to threaten water and power supplies in the West. If you enjoy this blog, Mike Smith Enterprises has a variety of ways we serve people who have business interests involving weather. 

You can see my photos at Adobe Stock Photography, here. Whether advertising or editorial, we have photos that will suit your needs. 

For my illustrative editorial photos (such as the state of the 2022 wheat crop), go here.

Warnings tells the story of how meteorologists like Dr. Ted Fujita and other brilliant, courageous scientists eliminated downburst airliner crashes, cut the tornado death rate by 95%, and other amazing accomplishments. It is an uplifting story that reads like a novel.

From a new review at Amazon: The book is easily readable and very informative. It is a keeper for my library. Great job.

"An Important Read..." -- Washington Post
When the Sirens Were Silent is the true story of the Joplin Tornado -- one of the worst in history. It also includes vital safety information for you and your family. Tornado Season 2022 is just underway as we saw last week. More tornadoes are quite likely this week. Please take the tornado safety advice to heart.

Live Presentations
Every presentation is different -- uniquely tailored to the audience. Great graphics.  Never "death by powerpoint." We do keynote presentations on how weather and climate affect people, society and business. Contact Mindy East for more information. 

Business Consulting
The knowledge he shared was a crash course in entrepreneurship. Mike asked the hard questions, set realistic expectations, and gave me insights I couldn't have found elsewhere. It has translated to measurable growth.

I'd recommend businesses of any size to talk to Mike about how to grow smart, right now. 
-- Chris Pumpelly 

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