Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Dangerous Tornado Day in the South Wednesday


The outlook for tornadoes is valid from 7am Wednesday to 9am Thursday. 

I use a four word scale to try to characterize tornado risk and, unfortunately, we have to use three of the four to discuss in the forecast for tomorrow in the South. 

  • The orange area has a high risk of tornadoes. The hatching means the tornadoes could be violent. 
  • The yellow area has an enhanced risk of tornadoes. 
  • The brown area has a significant risk of tornadoes. 
My fourth descriptive word is "extreme" but, at least for now, it is not necessary. If I were going to forecast the area with the highest risk within the high risk area, it would be central Mississippi. 

Preparation recommendations are here. Please review them now, rather than when thunderstorms are bearing down on you. 

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