Wind Power is Economical?

 Two weeks ago, the State of Texas was in a dire crisis, in part due to wind energy's unavailability the night of Monday the 15th and morning of the 16th. Winds were too light to turn the wind turbines.

Throughout the crisis, we were told that wind helps reduce energy rates. The above article says the same: wind energy helps to "reduce electricity rates." Really?

If that is the case, with wind now providing 40% of Kansas' energy, why do our rates keep going up, and up, and up?
In fact, if you look closely at the article, you'll find.
The idea that wind energy saves us money is simply false. Given that wind again proved is was not available when needed the most: why in heck are we doing this?! If you make your voice heard, you can message the Kansas Corporation Commission here

Addition: Wait until you read what electric bills have been in Texas! Had Texas spent money building nuclear rather than wind -- which was producing at 4% of capacity yesterday -- much of this would have been avoided. 


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