Tenth Anniversary of the Joplin Tornado Approaching

Jaime Green's camera was pointed directly at the
tornado but it was completely invisible

May 21st is the tenth anniversary of the horrific Joplin Tornado which killed 161 people. It was one of the rare cases of the tornado warning system failing during a major storm. When combined with the fact the tornado could not been seen as it approached people were caught completely off-guard. This is why we urge you to act on the tornado warnings rather than going outside (and putting yourself in danger) to look for the storm. 

Because we never want "another Joplin," I wrote and published a book about this unique, horrific storm. It is available for just $2.99, here. We set the price very low because we want everyone to learn the lessons of Joplin so this never happens again. 

When the Sirens Were Silent was meticulously researched. Here is a review from Amazon.com written by a victim of the storm. 

Customer Review

In addition to the story of the tornado, When the Sirens Were Silent has comprehensive storm safety suggestions for home, schools and businesses. This short read should be part of your preparedness for tornado season 2021.


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