UPDATED: A Lot of Adverse Weather the Next Seven Days

The purpose of this posting is for general planning purposes. 

Updated Heavy Rain and Potential Flooding

3pm Monday: The National Weather Service has upped its forecast of excessive rainfall to more than five inches throughout Missouri, southeast Kansas, and northeast Oklahoma. Even with the dry soil, this is sufficient to cause significant flooding; major flooding in some locations yet to be determined.

Snow Potential
Most of next week (week of March 14) is going to have colder than normal conditions. 
Which will lead to the potential for heavy snow. 

The maps depict where there is a significant chance of 4" or more of snow. Some areas will receive more than eight inches. Please factor this into your travels

Hail and Tornado Potential

Wednesday Night
The areas in green are where large hail may occur Wednesday night. 

Friday and Friday Night 
While hail is the bigger threat, damaging thunderstorm winds along with a tornado or two are possible. 

This the day I'm concerned about. It could be the first day of 2021 with multiple significant tornadoes. Hail and damaging thunderstorm winds are likely, as well. 
There is also a possibility of tornadoes on Sunday as well as large hail and damaging thunderstorm winds. 

Of course, all of this can shift geographically over the next few days.


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