Monday, March 8, 2021

Umpteenth Time: There is No Risk of COVID in the Unconstrained Outdoors

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When we get to May or June and this is all over, I am hoping Congress or someone in a position of power will research how the public health community squandered its credibility and diminished our quality of life with its, "wear masks outdoors" nonsense -- advice that even Dr. Fauci ignored even though he gave it.  Examples of "outdoors danger!" are here and here and here (there are many more, of course). 
Wall Street Journal report from Monday urging people
outdoors to "Mask Up!" *

Perhaps the most idiotic was closing Yosemite and then opening it to only 100 guests at a time. If you have never been there, Yosemite is vast! 

As The Atlantic reported earlier this week:

I've been tracking every report I can find for the past year, and have yet to find a confirmed super-spreading event that occurred solely outdoors. Such events might well have taken place, but if the risk were great enough to justify altering out live, I would expect at least a few to have been documented by now. 

And yet our guidelines do not reflect these differences, and our messaging has not helped people understand these facts so that they can make better choices. I published my first article pleading for parks to be kept open on April 7, 2020—but outdoor activities are still banned by some authorities today, a full year after this dreaded virus began to spread globally.

Now that spring is here, shed the masks, get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air!

* I emailed the Journal reporter Monday and requested a citation as to the science being relied upon justifying masks outdoors. I did not receive a reply. I've looked; I cannot find any. 

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