Another Cold Wave Heading for Texas and Great Plains

The updated 6 to 10 day outlook. Blues = colder than average weather and while this will be a major cold wave for middle March. Keep in mind that average temperatures are quite a bit warmer than they were 30 days ago. Here are some of today's averages:

                                                                Ave. High                     Ave. Low          Ave.

       Wichita                                            69°                        41°                    55°

        DFW International Arpt              71                          43                      57

        Austin                                              73                          40                      57

Because I am still hearing about homes without electricity, without running water and pumps without gasoline, it is difficult for me to offer recommendations in this case as I did one month ago. However, I would make sure I am stocked up on groceries, prescription medicines and fuel well in advance of the cold weather hitting Saturday night (central Plains) and Monday (Texas). 

FYI: Very heavy snows are likely along I-25, I-70, and I-76 over the weekend. I'll have more on that as the week progresses but please factor this into your travel plans. You do not want to travel through this storm. 


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