Saturday, September 26, 2020

Supreme Court Nominee Judge Amy Barrett

The Barrett Family

Earlier this week the Fox TV network debuted a prime-time program called Filthy Rich -- a story of religious hypocrites. It seems that Hollywood cannot depict religious faith without hypocrisy being the primary focus. 

Mr. Hatch's comment is right on the money. Most all of the criticisms of presumptive Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett are stupid. Not accurate. Not "over-the-top." Just stupid. To cite just one: How could it be that a woman who has had a distinguished professional career allegedly believes women should not work outside the home? Stupid. 

How can it be that a woman who has adopted two children from Haiti -- children in desperate circumstances -- "doesn't believe in taking care of children after they are born" (emphasis in original)? Stupid. 

Then, there is this putrid criticism:

The one criticism that surprises me the most is "she didn't graduate from an Ivy League law school." You mean that eight Ivy League justices aren't enough?? Notre Dame is a bad law school? Even when she graduated #1 in her class? Are you kidding? Stupid. 

It seems that even liberals who actually know Judge Barrett believe she belongs on the court

So, I say: Congratulations future Justice Barrett.

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