Election 2020: I've Made My Decision

I don't like Donald Trump as a person. Not at all. I didn't like him on The Apprentice. At the polling place in November, 2016, I attempted to vote for candidate Carly Fiorina. I was told that Kansas law only allows write-ins for people who have paid a write-in fee. So, I asked if I could vote for the Republican Presidential Electors. I was told I could not.

Since I would never vote for Hillary Clinton as I was and am sure she is utterly corrupt and a threat to the Constitution, I voted for Donald Trump with a sick feeling to my stomach.

I was surprised that he won. Since he was sworn in, this email pretty well sums up my feelings.
While the man is a total jerk, his administration has done a great deal of good. Consider this (items in dark blue courtesy of Dr. Victor D Hansen):
  • Until COVID, an amazing economy that especially benefited minorities. 
  • Less unnecessary regulation.
  • Grounding the Boeing 737-MAX over the objections of some in the FAA.
  • Disengaging from unnecessary military engagements in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East. He hasn't started any new wars.
  • Defeated ISIS. 
  • Embargoed and bankrupt Iran. Its clients like Hezbollah are broken and increasingly ineffective.
  • China being ostracized and challenged. 
  • The cutting of carbon emissions at a rate greater than the rest of the world. 
  • Illegal immigration cut.
  • NATO alliance bolstered. NATO nations paying more of the share for their defense. 
  • And, most of all, the absolutely stunning peace accords in the Middle East. 
Last month's peace deal between Israel and the U.A.E. was a huge step forward for which Trump has gotten far too little credit. That led to the agreement between Israel and Bahrain. President Jimmy Carter received a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering a very similar deal between Israel and Egypt.

In 2020 we have a choice between a personally flawed, but successful, incumbent in Trump along with his Vice President, Mike Pence. Trump has not been treated fairly as the man what won the 2016 election by a large margin (304-227). The opposition, at times, has behaved in a seditious manner. Many of his appointees have not been confirmed. His impeachment was completely improper and it detracted from the government's attention in the run-up to the arrival of coronavirus on our shores.

Opposing President Trump is the mentally impaired Joe Biden. Biden has a poor record when it comes to plagiarism, sexual harassment and race relations. He is frequently dishonest and has been throughout his career. I predict, if Biden wins the election, within a few months after Biden's swearing in we will have President Kamala Harris as the MSM will 'notice' Biden's impairment and the 25th Amendment will be invoked. Harris is an extreme leftist and is personally flawed as her appalling record as a prosecutor in California amply demonstrates. 

Harris' smearing of Brett Kavanaugh (which echoed Biden's smearing of Justice Clarence Thomas) and other actions as a U.S. Senator and Vice Presidential candidate lead me to believe she will have her fingers crossed when she swears her oath to the Constitution. 

In no way is my opposition to Harris sexist. I -- strongly -- supported Carly Fiorina for President in 2016 as I thought we needed an outsider. Evidently, many others believed that, too. Unfortunately, the nation chose the wrong outsider running: Trump instead of Fiorina. 

The overreaction to COVID, the riots, and the related commentary from the left the last four months convinces me we cannot risk turning over the reigns of government to them. Even some liberals agree that it is too dangerous to do so.

So, with some reluctance because of his personal flaws, I will again be voting for Mr. Trump.

Let's hope we have far better choices in 2024. Perhaps Tulsi Gabbard and Nikki Haley? It would be great to have those two choices. 


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