Saturday, September 12, 2020

Someone, Anyone, Please Get Joe Biden to Resign the Nomination

This is not a partisan comment: Joe Biden is seriously ill. He has no business running for president. 

If you disagree, please see this exchange from yesterday involving a scripted question and scripted answer (the "move that up" refers to the TeleAPrompter screen, allowing him to read his answer).

From last week, also reading from a TeleAPrompter...

For comparison, here is President Ronald Reagan's farewell address --  delivered after the strain of eight years in office. Reagan was a few days short of his 78th birthday when he made these remarks. He was slightly older than Joe Biden is now.

Judge for yourself but I am afraid Mr. Biden is going to literally drop dead on the campaign trail. Then, what? For the good of our nation, Mrs. Biden should step in and ask the Democrats to nominate someone else. Now. 

Updated, Sept. 12: I don't know if this is a true or a planted hoax. The final comment, pertaining to Mrs. Biden, would explain a lot

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