Friday, September 11, 2020

Thoughts About September 11

Today is the commemoration of one of the saddest days in American history. What makes this sad day especially poignant is the lost of so many innocent civilian lives.

The weather in NYC the day before featured severe thunderstorms. A short film about the weather of September 10 captured the World Trade Center's final hours.

Among the flights diverted to Wichita
While we've written previously about September 11, we've never talked about what happened in Wichita and at our old airport that day. When the "all land immediately" order was dispatched to all planes in America's airspace, among the planes that landed here was an El Al flight full of Israeli citizens. They were terrified that Wichitans would somehow blame them for the attack and, at first, refused to get off the plane. A local rabbi was called to calm them and by the end of their visit they went line dancing. The full story is here.

H/T: Cat Taylor

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