Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday Fun: The "Re-Branding" of Global Warming

Big Climate making a mockery of science
Evidently, Big Climate's focus groups have not produced scary enough terms for some. So Ad Age has decided to lend a hand in needlessly scaring people. 
My single favorite sentence in the article is:
They both also use alliteration -- using the same letter or sound at the beginning of connected words -- a naming trick proven to enhance memorability.
A "trick"related to global warming? Obviously, the author has been talking to global warming extremist Michael Mann.

Anyway, the branding people came up with these new names for global warming:
"The earth will be uninhabitable -- an irreversible barren wasteland." That is so removed from reality and so absurd I don't have words to describe it.

The entire point of their renaming is to scare people so we will "take action."

The next time people tell you the global warming controversy is about science, you can laugh like the people in the photo: it is now about capturing power and money and little else.

ADDITION: What the global warming controversy is really about,
Nuclear power "only produces clean energy." Can't have that! [sarc] 

Kanter is a big-wig in global warming alarmist circles. His remarks reaffirm the global warming controversy is about power and money. These people are too dangerous to let anywhere near the seats of power. 

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