"To Predict the Weather Could Save Hundreds of Thousands of Lives"

Finally: A movie about a heroic meteorologist.
It opens today.

I hope you are in one of the few cities where The Aeronauts is being shown in IMAX theaters. From the previews it looks wonderful. The critics say to watch it on the biggest possible screen.

This is one of those movies that gets a very limited theatrical release at the end of the year to make it eligible for the Oscars, the Golden Globes, et cetera. Its main purpose is to get you to sign up for Amazon Prime or to continue your subscription. It will be released on Amazon the 20th.

It is the story of British meteorologist James Glaisher who established the first network of weather stations in Great Britain and soared in a balloon to investigate the upper atmosphere. However, in real life, his co-pilot was Henry Coxwell. The part of the woman in the movie is fictional.

Still, it is nice to have the history of weather science and a meteorologist depicted in a positive manner as opposed to a dunce or a murderess.


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