U.S. Government: Evil and Incompetent

At least one of those two words describe the vast majority of the activities of the United States government. I urge you to read this article pertaining to the Afghan War. It should be required reading for every voter. And, remember, the military is one of the few elements of the government that we cannot do without.

Combine the aforementioned history of the catastrophic Afghan War (documenting more than a trillion of our dollars wasted plus the far greater tragedy of all of the wasted lives) with the horrible joke of the impeachment going on in Washington and it makes me wonder what we can do to fix our government or if it is too far gone. I'm frightened for our nation.

While it is easy and accurate to blame government, I see the messes in our government as reflective of deeper issues in our society.
  • The education system has turned out students that simply aren't well educated and, especially, cannot think independently. That is the only reasonable explanation as to why anyone would think a broad "more government" is the solution to anything. 
  • The low level of ethics in our society. With Christianity passe,´ too many believe that what is moral = "what I want." Bill Clinton was convicted by a federal judge (that he, himself, appointed) of two felonies. Clear grounds for impeachment... yet he was not removed from office. While President Trump is a total jerk (especially by comparison to the charming Clinton), he is not accused of an actual crime (see, here, from a Democrat professor of law)
  • Global warming and/or socialism have become religion for people who think they are too smart for religion. That will not end well. 
I am an optimist by nature. I would very much like to offer a better outlook. At the moment, I don't have one. 


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