Monday, December 16, 2019

High Risk of Violent Tornadoes

The NWS SPC has ratcheted up the risk of violent tornadoes. Please make sure your family and friends are aware!
The brown area is a significant risk of tornadoes. The yellow is what I would call an enhanced risk and the red is a high risk. The hatching is where they are forecasting violent tornadoes.

In addition to alerting your family and friends, make sure you have at least two independent source of local storm warnings. For example, a weather radio and the AccuWeather App with location services enabled. Sirens don't count.

Plug in and charge phones and computers before thunderstorms approach. Lightning could cause a power surge that damages their electronics.

Insure your shelter area is in good shape with a couple of bottles of water. Make sure you wear shoes into your shelter and take your warning information system into the shelter with you.

UPDATE: 10:48am. The first tornado watch of the day. Note this includes far southeast Texas. 

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