Sunday, December 15, 2019

Winter Storm UPDATE, 11:40 CST Sunday

I have not updated the 9:40pm Saturday forecast because it still looks pretty good. Here is the radar at 11:35am Sunday:
11:35am Sunday
In northeast Wichita, the Sunday noon weather is 28°F with light freezing drizzle. There are accidents on bridges and freeways throughout the city, some victims in critical condition.

Based on this evening's data: if anything snowfall amounts in Missouri may be a touch low. I've added an area of light accumulating snow in the High Plains.

Almost forgot: The 4-8" area goes as far south as I-70 in Missouri. 
Total Snow Sunday thru Monday Night
Update = area in the Panhandles and SW Kansas 
Amounts of Freezing Drizzle or Freezing Rain

A Wider View of the Storm

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