Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Danger: Pretend Climate 'Scientists' Making Ghoolish Headlines

And, the unserious and disgusting news media is giving them what they want.

Daily Mail
All of this is utter nonsense. The paper in question was written by Professor (of forestry!) William Ripple of Oregon State University. While this is a wild guess, I wonder if some the scientists issuing the "warning" are having trouble getting grants.

Next, Bioscience -- where the paper appeared -- is a journal with no expertise in climate. It declaring a 'climate emergency' is ludicrous.
Weather and climate-related disasters are decreasing. Deaths from weather are WAY down. There is plenty of food for the planet's people. Extreme poverty is at the lowest level in world history. 

The idea we need to "urgently" attain a planet with "far fewer humans" didn't work so well for humanity when Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot tried it. The very notion is dangerous.
The author of the Bloomberg (above) news article, which seemed to kick off this mess, Eric Roston (education below), who presents himself as an "expert," isn't a even a scientist.
A degree in Russian History is hardly training for understanding the atmosphere and its huge complexities. He has been selling his "gloom and doom" story for years. Yet, as we have seen many times, the climate refuses to cooperate.

What we have here is non-climate scientists telling us we have a 'climate emergency.' Wrong. There is no climate emergency. 

A superior article on global warming and its effect is below and this headline is correct. 
The basics: a power line falling or a police chase causing a fire have nothing to with climate. Compared to the first half of the 20th Century, wildfires are way down. More on the subject, from a genuine expert, is here.

Yes, it is true we didn't have modern firefighting techniques 100 years ago but it is also true we had many fewer miles of roads (fewer opportunities for fires due to cigarette butts thrown from cars) and many fewer people living in backwoods areas.

Things in the world are going very well at the moment -- which makes the people whose dollars depend on crisis nervous. Thus, the illogical and dangerous headlines about climate. After all, it is hard to get grants if global warming is not a major threat. 

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