Tenth Anniversary of Climategate

By pure coincidence, Climategate broke 
ten years ago, this blog's first day of publishing. 

The newspapers in Great Britain did a far better job covering the biggest scandal in the history of the atmospheric sciences than did their counterparts in the United States. The U.S. MSM did the very best it could do to cover up this story of major scientific misconduct.
This blog's first story on Climategate
What was most shocking to me were the awful positions taken by the American Meteorological Society and other scientific organizations that, defacto, sided with the wrongdoers. After a few weeks, Climategate, wrongly, faded from the public eye. The MSM, in fact, continued to spout the nonsense from these extremists in the intervening years.

I don't have the heart or stomach to recount all of Climategate. If you are new to the story, here are some excellent links:
From The Quadrant, here.
WattsUpWithThat (one of the sites that broke the story), here.
Dr. Judith Curry, one of the world's most qualified climate scientists, here.
All of these are well worth your time.

I once asked columnist George Will why Bill Clinton was able to survive impeachment as President when there was no doubt he was guilty of felony perjury and had been convicted by a federal judge (that he appointed) of the same. Mr. Will reported that it was because the Clintons, and our society, have lost the concept of "shame." I believe that was very much the case with Climategate.

In Climategate, money and power prevailed and the bad guys won. 


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