Monday, November 25, 2019

7pm Pre-Thanksgiving Travel Forecast

Before beginning, please let me remind you that I am focusing on the Central United States as there are plenty of blogs that focus on the East and West Coasts. That said, please keep be aware of high winds forecast for the southern Oregon and northern California coasts along with high winds in the eastern Great Lakes regions.

The days to which I refer are from midnight to midnight.

If you are flying Tuesday or Wednesday, don't eat a big meal. Turbulence is possible just about anywhere.

Current Radar as of 7pm CST

Currently In Effect
Snowfall, again, from midnight to midnight.
The heavy snow falling in eastern Colorado and the High Plains will have coated the roads by sunrise.

Peak Wind gusts through 11pm Wednesday.
click to enlarge
Power failures are possible in the deep orange areas and likely in the red areas. These high winds will also make driving quite hazardous, especially for high-profile vehicles.

Also, severe thunderstorms with brief tornadoes are possible in the yellow area. Also, if you are flying over this area, moderate to severe turbulence is possible near thunderstorms.


Peak winds until 11pm Wednesday night.
Please note the Midwest where power failures are likely. Below is a close-up of the region.
Again, be prepared for power failures and driving will be very hazardous in the dark orange and red areas!

Total Precipitation from Now Until 6pm Monday
Please keep up on changing weather conditions before you head for the airport or get on the road. 

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