Gasp! World May Have Crossed Global Warming "Tipping Point"

Big Climate's latest focus group must have approvingly coughed up the "tipping point" furball because they are at it again. The item below was published Wednesday. It is the first time I've seen two of their focus-grouped terms (the other, 'climate emergency') in a single eight-world headline.
The number of tipped global warming tipping points over the last 40 years is likely well past 100 by now. The first was in 1989. It proclaimed "whole nations would be underwater" if the problem wasn't solved by 2000.
Last time we checked, the Maldives were doing just fine.

There have been dozens of tipping points ever since. I wrote this more than five years ago.
This headline was published Tuesday.
Multiple people on Twitter have speculated the timing of these and other headlines is not coincidental. They were supposed to subtly get you to talk about global warming over Thanksgiving dinner. Me? The only cooling I wanted was for the cranberry jelly.

I loved this headline, also via Twitter.
Babylon Bee
I intentionally waited to post this so as not to ruin anyone's dinner. Hope yours was great!


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