Sunday Fun: Two Great Model Railroad Minds

Last week, the Daily Mail had an article about Rod Stewart's never-before-seen model railroad.
Daily Mail
There were a couple items similar to my layout,

Yet, he was inspired by American railways because that is where he was living when he began the model in 1993. At the time, he had recently built a new house in Los Angeles and included an attic room specifically for the layout.

My layout is in the attic room and it was specially designed for the room.

More surprising, my eye caught, within this huge grouping of buildings, signals and trains...

...near the center of the image is Kansas City's Western Auto sign.
And, on a building with a very similar design to Rod's, is the same sign on my layout.
They say "great minds think alike." In this case, I'd say, "train aficionados are on the same wavelength."

And, today and Monday, Union Pacific's #4014 "Big Boy" locomotive will be passing through Kansas City. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the largest railroad locomotive ever made chugging through the city. You can find the schedule (allow extra time, especially on the early side) here. It will begin its journey west across Kansas tomorrow and will make it to Salina early Wednesday afternoon on its way to Denver.


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