How Could Anyone This Ignorant Be Governor of New York?

"We didn't have hurricanes before climate change."

When I heard about his comment that we didn't have tornadoes, hurricanes or superstorms before climate change, I thought he must have been asked a misleading question. I couldn't imagine he would say New York didn't have these storms before. Well, he did. The quote, from earlier today, is above. Wow.

One of the worst hurricanes in the entire history of the United States was the Long Island Express which occurred in 1938. It killed 700 and was the 9th most destructive hurricane in U.S. history causing more than (in today's dollars) $57 billion in damages.

Now, note the name of the hurricane. The last time I checked, Long Island was part of New York. Even The Battery in NYC had gusts to 80 mph. The photo below was some of the devastation on Long Island.

As for tornadoes, the 1953 Worcester, Mass. Tornado (100 miles from Albany) killed 94; one of the most deadly tornadoes in United States history.
1953 Worcester Tornado
The idea that New York didn't have major storms before global warming is beyond absurd. It is nothing but propaganda. 


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