Friday, December 22, 2017

Travel Weather Through Sunrise Saturday

Updated Information as of 10:40am Friday.
One of our short-term models shows torrential and possibly flooding rains in the vicinity of I-40 from east of Little Rock through and just east of Memphis and on I-55 from Memphis north to the Missouri Bootheel through 2am CST Saturday. This heavy rain could shift a little north or south but please use extreme caution. If the road is flooded ahead remember Turn Around, Don't Drown!!

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So that you will have chronological forecasts (Saturday to Christmas is the post below), here is the area of hazardous through early Saturday morning.

Forecast Radar for 5pm CDT

Medium risk of flooding in the red area -- use caution through sunrise Saturday.
Forecast for 1am Saturday 
Please note the area of freezing rain (icy roads!) forecast in the Ozarks.

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