Friday, December 15, 2017

"The New Normal"

The New Normal® -- a now-tiresome phrase trotted out by Big Climate whenever a major natural disaster occurs. I'm sure it was focus-grouped by one of the many organizations that makes big dollars by scaring people about climate change. 
This latest example comes from the Los Angeles Times quoting Governor Jerry Brown's comments about the recent wildfires:
Gov. Jerry Brown surveyed the devastation Saturday in Ventura — the area hardest hit by firestorms that have displaced nearly 90,000 people in Southern California — calling it “the new normal.”
The visit came four days after Brown declared a state of emergency in response to the wildfires. In all, blazes from Ojai to Oceanside have destroyed more than 790 structures and burned 175,000 acres. 

But, is his assertion the truth? Answer? No.
Click to enlarge.
There is more on wild fire frequency here.

Is global warming an issue? Yes. But, be very skeptical whenever you hear the phrase The New Normal. 

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