Holiday Gift Bulletin: "Warnings" Back in Stock at Amazon

At long last, Amazon has Warnings back in stock. 
As I understand it, they actually have six copies in their warehouse but, for some reason, are only displaying two on its web page.

If you are not familiar with Warnings, here is an unsolicited review:
click to enlarge
There are two options for purchasing.
  • To order from Amazon, click here.
  • To order from Watermark Books (5 copies in stock), click here
  • To purchase in-person at Watermark, their home page is here. Watermark is the leading book seller in southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma. 
BTW: Watermark is a nationally-known bookseller based in Wichita. They bring many outstanding authors into Wichita on their book tours. Below are Dave Barry, Kathleen and myself when we was recently in town to promote Best. State. Ever. 
If you inclined to purchase your books from an independent bookseller, I highly recommend Watermark. They will take great care of your order. 


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