More Trouble With NOAA Weather Modeling

From Dr. Cliff Mass' blog:

It is with considerable disappointment that I note that the U.S. has now slid into fourth place in global weather prediction.  

Yes, the country that invented numerical weather prediction and the one that possesses the largest weather research community in the world is moving further back in the pack, with substantial costs to the American people.  And frustratingly, a powerful new weather supercomputer,  funded over a year ago by the U.S. Congress, has not even been ordered, even though it could radically improve U.S. operational weather prediction...

1.  European Center:  .919
2.  UKMET Office:  .896
3.  Canadian Meteorological Center:  .881
4.  US GFS: .871

Of course, AccuWeather and AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions pay for and use the foreign models to provide the best possible forecasts to our clientele. Nevertheless, it is discouraging that a year-and-a-half after Sandy (the impetus for Congress funding the new computers, etc.) nothing has been done.


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