Wind Energy Fails Texas

The graph below shows the amount of wind energy currently available in Texas. It shows that -- again today -- the amount of wind energy is minuscule when measured against the billions and billions invested in wind. The wind energy capacity is 38,000 (the graph automatically zooms in). A value of 1,000 represents just 2.6% of capacity! 

  • Why does this keep occurring?

    It is a meteorological fact that when it is extremely hot and extremely cold that winds are usually light -- too light to turn the turbine blades. 

    Thanks to wind energy, Texas is now in desperate shape. How do I know? The head of ERCOT sent this letter to the U.S. Department of Energy asking for help. An excerpt:

    At times, the combination of wind generation and dispatchable generation output has been sufficient to cover load and minimum reserve levels during this solar-ramp period. However, in recent weeks, with the solar ramp-down occurring earlier each day, the total amount of generation available to serve load during this critical period has diminished. This is due in part to a lower amount of wind generation at the time of the solar ramp (or a lower amount of wind generation more generally)....

    Note: "dispatchable" is a politically correct term for "reliable" (gas, nuclear, coal). And, the "ramp down" of solar refers to the sun setting earlier each day in autumn. In other words, it is 'green' energy that is failing the state. 

    The wind energy lobby is one of the most powerful. The richly reward their political friends and punish those that don't do their bidding. The only way to counteract their influence is to make it clear to your representatives that your vote depends on them voting for reliable energy. I want energy decarbonization. This should be nuclear (especially new generation nuclear) and, where possible, hydroelectric. 


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